Notes on the use of adjustable wrench

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There are many types and specifications of wrenches, although there are open wrenches, plum wrenches, adjustable wrenches, socket wrenches, torque wrenches and so on. But the method of use and precautions are similar.

1. No matter what kind of wrench. The best use effect is pulling, if it has to be pushed. It can only be pushed with the palm of your hand, and your fingers should be stretched out to prevent the bolts or nuts from suddenly loosening and hurting your fingers. To get the maximum torque. The direction of the pulling force must be at right angles to the wrench handle.

2. When using adjustable wrenches. The specifications should be selected according to the size of the nut. When in use, hold the handle with your right hand. The closer the hand is to the back, the more effort it takes to pull it up. When pulling the large nut, a large torque is required, and the hand should be held near the end of the handle. When pulling the small nut. The torque required is not large, but the nut is too small and easy to slip. Therefore, the hand should be held close to the head. The worm gear can be adjusted at any time to tighten the active lips and prevent slippage.

3. When using an adjustable wrench. The movable jaws of the wrench should bear the thrust and fix the jaws and bear the pulling force, that is, when the wrench is pulled. The movable jaws are facing inward: the force must be even to avoid damaging the corners of the wrench or bolts and nuts. An accident caused by skidding.

4. Avoid excessive force when using a wrench. otherwise. It may cause skidding and hurt the human body.

5. The wrench must not be used as a crowbar or hand hammer.

6. When pulling the rusty nut. A few drops of kerosene or motor oil can be placed on the nut. After a period of time. Just twist it. When it is not screwed, do not use a steel pipe on the handle of the adjustable wrench to increase the torque. Because it is very easy to damage the active lip or nut, the nut cannot be removed.

7. When a wrench is required for climbing operations. It must be passed by ropes, not tossed down.

The above is the introduction about the specifications of the adjustable wrench. By reading the above content, you should be able to understand the relevant knowledge of the adjustable wrench more clearly. In fact, as long as you have a good grasp of the specifications and models in life, then in When choosing an adjustable wrench, you can choose the wrench of the corresponding specification and model according to the actual needs.