Types of adjustable wrenches

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Allen wrench (inner hex) (GB5356-85)--nominal size (opposite size): 2.5~36

Slotted screwdriver (slotted screwdriver) (QB/T 2564.4-2012)--Specification (length of rod without handle × rod diameter): 50×3~350×9

Phillips screwdriver (cross screwdriver) (QB/T 2564.4-2012)--specification (length of rod without handle × rod diameter): 50×4~400×9

Adjustable wrench (GB/T 4440-2008)--specification (length × maximum opening width): 100×13~600×65

Double-ended wrench (double-ended open-end wrench) (GB/T 4388-2008)--specification (opposite dimensions): 3.2×4~75×80

Torx wrench (GB/T 4388-2008)--specification (width across edge): 5.5~36

Socket wrench (with rotation) (GB3390.2-82)--specification (width across edge): 6.3~63