The difference between chrome plating and galvanization of hardware tools

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For those who are just in contact with the electroplating processing requirements of electroplating parts, it is not very clear whether our products need galvanizing or chrome plating. It is often the case that the galvanized products are required to be chrome plated.

So what are the differences between galvanizing and chrome plating?

1. Different appearance colors

The surface of galvanized electroplated parts is a bit bluish white, shiny but not very bright. After passivation treatment, it can be made into blue white zinc, colorful zinc, black zinc, army green and other colors.

The chrome-plated surface is bright white to blue, and the other chrome-plated colors are black chrome.

2. The functions of chrome plating and chrome plating are different

Galvanizing is just to coat a few microns to dozens of microns of zinc metal on the surface of the electroplated parts. It is an anodic coating for the iron base and has certain electrochemical protection. The galvanized parts have good rust resistance.

Chrome plating is divided into decorative chromium and hard chrome. Chrome plating is a single chromium metal layer electroplating a few microns or more than ten microns on the surface of the electroplated parts. It has excellent wear resistance. Decorative chromium must be plated first. After copper or nickel plating, there is a very chromium layer, which has the functions of beauty and protection. It is mainly used for products with higher decorative requirements.

3. The cost of chrome plating and zinc plating is different

The cost price of galvanizing is low, but the cost price of chromium plating is relatively high. From the aspects of materials used in electroplating, labor used in electroplating, and maintenance of electroplating process, the cost of chrome plating is higher than that of galvanizing.